Symlink functions
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 _multi_scan_symlinks ($dir=FALSE, $recurse=TRUE, $min_depth=0, $depth=0)
 _multi_preserve_symlinks ($drupal_root, $new_drupal_root)

Detailed Description

Functions for handling and preserving symbolic links for multi-drupalupdate.

Function Documentation

_multi_preserve_symlinks ( drupal_root,

Preserves all symbolic links of the current Drupal root within the future Drupal root with a relative path.

If linkname already exists as file or directory within the provided path to $new_drupal_root, it will be renamed to ${linkname}-${datestamp}-drupalupdate to avoid loss.

$drupal_root Path to the current Drupal root
$new_drupal_root Path to the future Drupal root
FALSE via drush_set_error() if any error occurs

Definition at line 381 of file

References _multi_relative_path(), and _multi_scan_symlinks().

Referenced by drush_multi_drupalupdate().

_multi_scan_symlinks ( dir = FALSE,
recurse = TRUE,
min_depth = 0,
depth = 0 

Finds symbolic links (also hidden) in the drupal installation.

$dir The base directory for the scan, without trailing slash. Default ${drupal_root}
$recurse When TRUE, the directory scan will recurse the entire tree starting at the provided directory.
$min_depth Minimum depth of directories to return files from.
$depth Current depth of recursion. This parameter is only used internally and should not be passed.
An array of objects keyed on basename corresponding to the symbolic links found in $dir
       [sites] => stdClass Object
               [filename] => /var/www/6.x/sites
               [basename] => sites
               [target] => ../6.x_sites/
               [dirname] => /var/www/drupal6
       [backup] => stdClass Object
               [filename] => /var/www/6.x/backup
               [basename] => backup
               [target] => ../6.x_backup/
               [dirname] => /var/www/drupal6
       [profiles] => stdClass Object
               [filename] => /var/www/6.x/profiles
               [basename] => profiles
               [target] => ../6.x_profiles/
               [dirname] => /var/www/drupal6

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Referenced by _multi_preserve_symlinks().

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